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Our Story

ILLUMIN DESIGNS was born out of love- of humanity, of nature, and the passion to help 'ILLUMINate' another's journey.

Every piece of our art is meticulously and personally handcrafted- jewelry inspired by nature, sculpted with intention. The metaphysical energies of the stones are deeply respected and inspire the creations of the talisman itself. Every piece is one of a kind, as YOU are, as in nature, and as with every organic matter. Our designs are to showcase and ‘support’ the gem, mindful not to distract from it. The copper is then "grown" over the sculptures and let take its organic course. The irregularities of the copper growth are intentional, beautiful in its naturally formed state.

Having had multiple exhibitions and art awards since childhood as an oil-painter, I expanded to sculpting and metalwork in my young adult years. I developed this particular aesthetic and process, combining my fine arts background with my love of science, my medical background, and a profound respect for nature and the human spirit.

I am hands-on in every aspect of our shop: gems and minerals are hand-selected(personally mined when I can), self-taught in jewelry making(designing, sculpting, painting, electro-forming, polishing); truly a journey from my hands to yours.

ILLUMIN DESIGNS have given back to the community through various charities and foundations, dedicated to empowering, inspiring and elevating others. We are currently working with different foundations around the world to expand and create the World collection, proceeds to be given back to empower women and children.

Thank you for helping us spread the light and letting us be a part of your journey.

Illuminate yourself, illuminate another. We rise together.


Angel Pai

CEO / Founder / Designer / Maker